• WordPress REST API and ACF

    I’m continuing to work on the plugin I’ve been talking about in my last few posts and have reached the point of front-end display.  The requirements for this project are to have a quick initial page load ( for which I use native PHP) and filtering in place (for which I use the WP REST […]

  • The cheap-n-easy way to use “templates” in WordPress plugins

    I’m continuing to work on the plugin I talked about in my last post, and have gotten to the point where we’re working on the front end display of the data. I recently sat down and really dedicated myself to figuring out the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate and really like the concept of using “partials” to reuse […]

  • Loading custom values into ACF field default values

    A plugin I’m working on requires that the user be able to set the map center for a Google Map ACF field that is associated with a custom post type. Advanced Custom Fields has a good number of filters, but I wasn’t sure going in which filter I needed to use.  A quick Google lead […]

  • Don’t expect much…

    I figure since I make my living from the web I should have my own place to put things that I can’t squeeze into a tweet or instagram photo, but don’t expect much here.  If you want to see what’s on my mind or what I’m up to, I’d recommend following me over there.

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