Andrew’s First Birthday






5 responses to “Andrew’s First Birthday”

  1. Hugh Graham Avatar
    Hugh Graham

    Happy Birthday little man
    Love you. Hope for many more birthdays. Grandpa and Grandms love you so much

  2. Judy Johnson Avatar
    Judy Johnson

    Happy Birthday,Andrew❣
    Absolutely a celebration of a precious little child❣Love to you all😘
    Aunt Judy & Uncle Bill

  3. granny Avatar

    🤗🤗🤗what a delightful “year in review”! Happy very FIRST birthday Andrew… 🧡 granny
    PS…love the music 🎶

  4. Peggy Ann Graham Avatar
    Peggy Ann Graham

    That was great Aaron. Thank you for sharing this tribute to Andrew’s 1st Birthday. Love you Aunt Peg.

  5. Gal Witmer Avatar
    Gal Witmer

    Such a beautiful first year 💕 So glad for you all 😊❤️

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